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The quality of italian design arrives in Moscow


From the 10th to the 13th of October 2018
, FEBAL CASA PREMIUM INTERIOR will participate in the Moscow Furniture Fair: a reference event for the home-furniture sector in Russia and countries of its geo-political potential market. The event, with its strong identity and high-quality standards, will have a wide range of goods, from classic furniture to trendy products up to luxury.

Febal Casa is proud to land in Russia with all its excellence and with the power of design, strictly “made in Italy”.

Furniture proposals ranging from living rooms to kitchens; great stylistic collections of the utmost rigor, which represent the design symbol of the home feeling concept that Febal Casa acts as a spokesperson for. A furnishing and design product that is increasingly complete and transversal, capable of satisfying even the highest stylistic requirements.

A constant challenge, a continuous renewal, with the “made in Italy” quality value and with the freedom to express oneself and to inhabit the "home space" of your liking. Febal Casa's perfect total home balance.
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